Project Description

Hotel Zed, Tofino

Nestled in the wild forests of the Tofino peninsula, Hotel Zed is set apart as a truly unique project.  Revitalization of the existing guest suites and design of the new addition with amenity and guest spaces while maintaining the flavor that can be found at all Zed locations required some outside the box thinking.  Wood-fired grilles in the Roar restaurant, flashy disco and poker rooms, retro guest suites, standalone staff accommodations, outdoor surfboard showers, a magical hot tub in the woods; this is the project that ticks all the boxes.  Whether it is the hot water to warm up after a day in the sea, the kitchen to cook your fresh-caught salmon, the fans providing fresh outdoor air, or the sprinkler system that keeps you safe while you sleep, Avalon is there to guide the way.