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Energy efficient design

The importance of forward thinking designs when it comes to mechanical engineering systems has never been more relevant. At Avalon Mechanical, energy savings efficiency is an essential consideration for all of our projects. It is our goal to always look for energy efficient solutions and designs wherever possible, within the parameters of each project.

Avalon Mechanical is capable of tackling energy specific projects from simple to complex. We are recognized by both the US Green Building Counsel and the BC Green Building Retrofit Program and have taken a lead role of Accredited Professional and Commissioning Authority.  We are also an approved Service Provider for BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization Program for the recommissioning of DDC Systems, as well as being the only Canadian consultant on the team that developed the performance simulation software for the Model National Energy Code for Buildings. 

corporate sustainability

Avalon Mechanical also has a long standing commitment to sustainable practice in everything we do; both professionally and in our everyday lives. The Victoria office of Avalon Mechanical is situated in a green building, which was built in 2007. It has an enhanced building envelope and building DDC system for superior building performance. The office does not use fossil-fuels, instead opting for higher efficiency by using heat pumps. By opening our Nanaimo branch, Avalon Mechanical has also been able to reduce it’s carbon footprint by assigning upper island projects to our team in Nanaimo, subsequently reducing travel required for site visits.  

Avalon is also virtually paperless; opting for electronic systems, the use of iPads, and other alternatives to reduce our environmental impact. Most of our employees opt for alternative transportation via public transportation, bicycles, and electric vehicles, with less than 40% of staff driving combustion engine vehicles to and from work. We also recently welcomed a Nissan Leaf into the company fold; a fully electric vehicle used for company related travel to and from sites, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Project highlights

Avalon Mechanical has completed a range of energy specific projects in addition to Mechanical Engineering system designs that incorporate different levels of energy saving features. Projects include residential buildings, submarines, datacentres, government buildings, museums, and universities. This includes work on more than 50 LEED projects, including 2 that are LEED Platinum certified. Our firm provided a multi-disciplinary Power Smart Engineering Study of conventional and renewable energy options for the BC Legislature in 2007, as well as conducted Power Smart Energy Studies of all buildings connected to the Legislative District Energy Plant. Energy Modelling projects have been completed up to Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code, with the goal of achieving specific energy and green house gas savings initiatives. We are also the LEED Cx Authority for all 3 phases of Capital Park.

The Royal BC Museum Victoria, BC

This iconic building located in downtown Victoria is British Columbia’s provincial museum and archives. Displaying artifacts and documents that show B.C.’s natural and human history. This building is also a shining example of the partnership between Energy Services and Mechanical Engineering Design. Avalon Mechanical has completed work at the RBCM since the 1980’s. This includes Power Smart Energy Studies, Energy Modelling, HVAC/boiler upgrades, mechanical review of the IMAX theatre, and Power Smart Continuous Optimization Controls upgrades/coaching. The project also conceived of the ASHRAE AA relative humidity and temperature strategies to protect the priceless artifacts being housed in the museum’s galleries.

University of VIctoria CARSA

University of Victoria’s centre for athletics, recreation, and special abilities is a facility providing training, recreation, research, and learning resources to the community. The building was designed to meet LEED Gold standards and includes numerous sustainability features such as a geothermal heating and cooling system, natural ventilation, high efficiency potable water systems, and extensive use of natural light. The facility is home to CanAssist and the Vikes.  It consists of more than 190,000 square feet of floor space, a 2,100 seat gymnasium, extensive fitness and sports areas and a 16-metre climbing wall. Avalon Mechanical provided full commissioning authority services for the original construction in 2014, and designed the complete fire suppression system. Avalon was subsequently engaged to provide an energy study in 2018, and re-commissioned the CARSA systems for significant energy savings and improved control in 2020.



Energy Modelling

With the introduction of the BC Energy Step Code into the BC Building Code, Energy Modelling is becoming a standard requirement of building designs in many municipalities. Energy Modelling is the best tool to quantify and optimize the energy performance of your project, and Avalon Mechanical brings the experience and team you want, to ensure your project's energy goals are met.

Energy Studies

Avalon Mechanical has completed hundreds of large-scale energy studies and has implemented a wide range of successful, conventional, and renewable energy upgrades. Our team will bring experience and expertise to your project, providing innovative solutions for reducing operating costs and increasing occupant comfort and productivity. Avalon is also an approved PowerSmart and Fortis energy study consultant.


As a qualified commissioning authority, Avalon Mechanical provides commissioning services for new and existing buildings, including LEED designated projects. Starting  from the initial design stage, through construction, and to completion, our team will be there every step of the way, ensuring your project's energy and sustainability expectations are met. 

Retro - Commissioning

Avalon Mechanical provides retro-commissioning services for existing buildings. The process involves testing and analyzing the operation of the building's mechanical controls and lighting systems to optimize energy use and GHG emission reductions, increase system life expectancy, and improve comfort and indoor air quality performance.

Energy Accounting

Avalon Mechanical provides tracking/recording of your facilities' energy and power use, and the associated costs. Having clear energy accounting information is the base foundation of an energy management initiative.

Building Controls Optimization

Avalon Mechanical is an approved service provider for BC Hydro's Continuous Optimization Program. We provide evaluation and design for new and existing building controls, to ensure controls are operating for energy efficiency and for occupant comfort and productivity.


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Energy Modelling

While cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions are considered in all our projects, we also offer energy-specific services depending on each project’s needs, including energy studies, commissioning services, and control optimization.

Fire Suppression

At Avalon, our primary focus is designing systems that meet the most stringent application of applicable codes while working closely with architects and owners to ensure that the aesthetic needs of the project are met.

We have had great success in meeting these goals for all building types, including post and beam, insulated concrete, wood and steel frame, and open construction.


Plumbing systems are often an overlooked and unglamourous portion of many of the projects we have worked on. However, these are essential systems that include all of the sanitary and storm sewer services, domestic water, natural gas, compressed air and almost any other system that requires pipework.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to design systems that will be effective, require little maintenance, and achieve sustainable design goals when possible.


Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems are based on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Our goal is to create comfortable climates with optimal air quality and increased energy efficiency. Our HVAC designs range from low to high-rise residential and mixed-use buildings, commercial and office spaces, hotels, restaurants, and more.