We have provided systems of all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the thousand of projects we have been a part of. Our designs range from simple packaged rooftop equipment, heat pump systems and HRV’s up to complicated boiler/chiller, VRF and geothermal systems.

Each system is designed with the same goals of maintaining a cost effective yet energy efficient solution that fulfills the requirements set out in the applicable codes and standards and meets the needs of the building owner and final occupant.


Plumbing systems are often an overlooked or unglamourous portion of many of the projects we have worked on. These systems include all of the sanitary and storm sewer services, domestic water, natural gas, compressed air and almost any other system that requires pipework.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to design a system that will be effective, require little maintenance, and achieve sustainable design goals when possible.

Fire Suppression

The fire suppression system in any building is often the one life safety component that is kept out of sight and out of mind. For us,the primary focus will be on ensuring a system design that meets the most stringent application of applicable codes while working closely with the architect and owner to ensure that the aesthetic needs of the project are met.

We have had great success in meeting these goals for all building types, including, post and beam, insulated concrete, wood and steel frame and open construction.